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man is the supreme talisman. lack of a proper education hath, however, deprived him of that which he doth inherently possess.

Doctoral Dissertation: Project Demonstrating Excellence
Postscript on Doctoral Dissertation (comment on three special sections)

Papers and Articles

    • Attention, Memory, and Consciousness
    • Dr. Barry McComb’s Legacy
    • A Holistic Approach to Nurturing the Spirit
    • How to Fill Your Child’s Emotional Tank
    • Leadership: To Be Served or to Serve?
    • A Learner’s Creed for Excellent Teaching
    • A New Virtue for the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow - English
    • A New Virtue for the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow – Spanish
    • On: The Teaching Gap
    • Science and Ethics
    • Service Leadership – English
    • Service Leadership - Spanish
    • A Top Quality Educational System
    • The CNG “Law” Curriculum
    • Why Field Trips?
    • The Ecology of Consciousness
    • The Marymount-Barranquilla Model of Education

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